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Spectroscopy is definitely the "last frontier" for amateur astronomers and the spectrograph makes the difference between astronomy and astrophysics!

La espectroscopia es posiblemente la última y más atrevida frontera para los astrónomos amateur y el uso del espectrógrafo marca la diferencia entre Astronomia y Astrofisica!

                               The first spectroscope, just for visual usage

                                   My first reference spectra lamps

                     Star Analyser, a good starting point for spectroscopy

NGC 1647 star cluster spectra throw a Star Analyzer diffraction grating

Basic optical layout of  Tacande Observatory spectrograph 

The first spectrograph prototype

The current Tacande spectrograph build and designed at Tacande Observatory

Sun spectra around H-alpha line

Sun spectra profile normalized to continuum 

Antares (Alpha Scorpius) spectra + Neon reference spectra lines

Spectra of gamma Velorum, the most brighter Wolf Rayet  star 

Reference lamps system, Ne, Kr and Glow starter lamps

Emission spectra lines from Neon reference lamp

Inside the Tacande spectrograph

The spectrograph attached to a T400 telescope, Tacande Observatory

Sigma Aquila a spectroscopic double 

Spectrum of sigma Aquila around the H-beta line

sigma Aquila spectra along 5 observing nights. Please note the "notch" on some H-beta lines due to secondary start Doppler shift

For more details and technical reference about Tacande spectrograph or Spectroscopy please see: 

01.- Observatory Handbook.pdf 

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